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Andy Bhatti - Interventions & Addiction Services

Andy Bhatti is a drug and alcohol interventionist and childhood sexual abuse advocate out of Vancouver, Canada.

Andy strives to continue raising awareness and prevention on addiction and childhood sexual abuse. Working in communities all across Canada providing safe interventions, recovery support, and sober coaching. Wanting individuals and families to know that there is always hope and help available for everybody.

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Canada Drug Rehab aims to provide information about recovery for the person with addiction, the affected loved ones (friends or family), and other referring agencies or professionals. We are a national level directory and provide information for all provinces and territories. This directory is funded by the non-12 step treatment program Sunshine Coast Health Centre (Powell River, BC) to insure that people can get help and support regardless of gender, budget, location, or circumstances.

We are an anonymous and confidential service that wants to help people access what resources are available to them. If you need help navigating treatment resources we can help make it easier to find what will work best for you.

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Lima Abedin, MCP. RCC.

Mindful Counselling

Wellness is optimized with a holistic approach. My approach combines eastern practices and traditions with western psychology. Psychotherapy, along with ancient tradition has been a doorway to wisdom and healing for many. Trauma is a wound and it can disempower and disconnect us from self and surroundings; trauma informed healing  practices can ultimately  give you your power back. Freeing yourself from the tyranny of depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, trauma and relationship issues is not just about looking at your past and future, but it is also about being in your present. Therapy takes courage.  Every step is gentle. Psychotherapy is not about bulldozing through the resistance- it is about gently working around and through the edges.

My counselling approach begins with the belief that you are the expert of your own life. You already possess the knowledge to be your authentic self but it’s been hidden, perhaps due to stresses and traumas in your life, and you haven’t tapped into it yet. I invite you to explore how you can live your life with connection, openness, harmony, compassion and empathy. My role, as a therapist, is to offer you a non-judgemental, attuned space and unconditional positive regard to express yourself whole heartedly where you can be flowing, flexible, dynamic, balanced and soft.

My therapy approach is an integrative one. On academic level I have received specialized training on Trauma focused therapy, Strength based therapy, Mindfulness, Person Centered Therapy,  OEI- Observed & Experiential Integration, Somatic experiencing, Cognitive Behaviour therapy, DBT, Existential Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy.

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B. C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse is the oldest program in Canada with a specific mandate to provide recovery option for males who were victims of childhood sexual abuse or more recent sexual assault. More recently our mandate has been extended to include men who are victims of domestic violence. Our services include individual and group therapy, and our Victim Services program provides information about legal options and compensation programs that are open to survivors of sexual crimes. All of our services are also open to members of the trans community be they m to f, or f to m. We have three locations on the lower mainland and two on Vancouver Island.

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