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Survivors Supporting Survivors

Fundraising / Charity / Awards

In 2014 Andy Bhatti founded Survivors Supporting Survivors, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and resources for survivors of childhood victimization.

Through our charity events and public awareness campaigns, our goal is to raise funds for victims of abuse to attend therapy and for agencies across Canada which provide services for men and women who have been victims of child abuse and/or sexual violence.

Andy Bhatti

Founder / Survivor / Supporter

Andy Bhatti is a drug and alcohol interventionist and childhood sexual abuse advocate out of Vancouver, Canada.

Andy was the Courage to Comeback Award winner for the Addiction category in 2015. This award is given to a person who has demonstrated inspirational achievements overcoming the challenges of addiction and who has given back to his or her community. Sobriety must have been maintained for at least the past five years and a person who has demonstrated inspirational achievements in the face of abuse, poverty, discrimination or other significant adversity, and who has given back to his or her community.

Andy is an avid public speaker, attending numerous speaking engagements about alcoholism, addiction, sexual abuse, and personal perseverance. He remains very involved with giving back to communities across Canada. Andy attends countless workshops and training programs in the field of behavioural addiction and sexual abuse awareness and prevention. He is also one of very few people in Vancouver, Canada to be a certified child sexual abuse prevention facilitator, through Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children program in the United States.

Andy Bhatti Interventions

Andy strives to continue raising awareness and prevention on addiction and childhood sexual abuse. Working in communities all across Canada providing safe interventions, recovery support, and sober coaching. Wanting individuals and families to know that there is always hope and help available for everybody.

Andy Bhatti’s Story

A Trivial Childhood

Andy was raised by a single mom, in 1986 at the age of 8 Andy became part of the Big Brothers Association.  Andy was paired with a Big Brother and it would change his life completely — and not for the better. Andy’s Big Brother sexually abused him over four years, from the ages of 10 to 14, when Andy ended it by running away. By then, the damage was done. Once the abuse started, he started acting out and getting into fights, running away, lying, and stealing. Leaving school in grade 5. Andy turned to a life full of drugs, crime, gangs and violence to escape the pain.

Andy was a full-blown heroin and cocaine addict and had spent as much time inside a jail cell as out on the streets. He carried on a life of crime and addiction until he was 27 years old.

At that point, Andy learned he was about to become a father. Sitting in jail he realized he needed to change. Andy did not want his son to grow up with no father figure like he had. Andy’s focus on drugs and crime was now replaced with recovery and therapy immersing himself into total transformation. Nothing was more important than him being clean and committed to being an strong voice for survivors of sexual abuse.

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